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Cheating! From Message wote 1/08/2007 22:36:40 [ report this post ] Subject: Team Rules Message: How many of you Captains use some of all of these team rules? 1) They time out without providing a good reasons. 2) They insult either other members of the team, or their opponents (if you have a grievance with an opposing player, please let me know and I will speak with the opposing captain to sort out). 3) Persons with dual accounts will not be… More: chess online
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The Jeremy Silman of chess tactics? Hello, everyone. I just joined ChessColony. I think this is a great site and would appreciate if you can help me with a problem. If you read my profile, you will know that I play chess based on IM Jeremy Silman's Imbalance Theory (based on his book The Amatuer's Mind which I read and enjoyed). Although it has helped me become strategically proficient, and my rating increased 300 points after learning and… More: backgammon online
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Pieces score in endgames. I watched many endgames in which a player who has only a Rook doesn't win against another player who has only a bishop. Searching in Internet about this fact, I've found 90% Rook vs Bishop is a draw. And I know a player who has 2 bishops (without pawns) can win against a lonely king, while 2 knights can't (there's the possibility of a #, but it's not forced). I've found another thing. During the endgame 2 rooks draw… More: online chess
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Praatschaak 4 De thread voor nederlandstalig schaakkommentaar. Bijkomende aktiviteit: de inspraakmatch BelgiŰ - Holland gespeeld door Lucas Vervoort (voor BelgiŰ) en Lex Herman (voor Nederland). Zie board #501441 Ún board #501488. Boon Bedankt, ik stel ook uw raad tenzeerste op prijs! mogelijkheden board #501441 e6: openen loperbaan, verhogen druk op centrum a6: Verdediging veld b5, ivm L+P Mijn voorkeur: e6 board #501488 A4: Opent… More: backgammon online
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opening repertoire I am having a hard time deciding upon an opening repertoire for over-the-board play. I like E4 as white I think. As black against e4 I am undecided between 1.....e5 and 1...c5 I really like the pettroff defense and I know it has a reputation of being extremely solid for black, but everybody says the sicilian is the way to go for counter-attacking chances. I like the sicilian but the sheer volume of memorized theory needed to… More: chess history
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How do you play against top rated players? I am asking this because I have to play against olympio (no offense) who is too good for me. And I am demorilized by his rating. The first game ended after a few moves because I hung pieces when I dont usually do such silly mistakes in the opening face of the game. I am not asking for any help in the game. I am just wondering how the rest of who cope when you play such a good player -- how do you get… More: chess vs computer
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Hello i need some good openers for my future games My opener is always the same and i need something else. please reply. Hello What have you used so far? Tell me some about it. mattafort i always go for the 4 move checkmate, but it never workd... i always loose. I've noticed that a LOT of lower rated players try this often - however, to anyone who's spent much time at the board, it's an obvious attempt (heck, after you've had it done to you play chess online…
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THE ORIGIN OF CHESS ????????? have you ever wondered where chess came from ?Well i have and the answer came to me in a dream One day the devil looked upon mankind and saw all was well . He said no way ,this will not do .So he called in his three top generals . In came general Wreck Havoc, general Pure Torment and last but not least general Confusion.Now these 3 put their heads together and came up with this. Lets give man a game,one no man can play chess online…
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Eye movements? beginners/grandmasters How do the eye movements between lets say 1200, 1600, 2000 and 2500 differ?. Perhaps there is a gradual change to pattern perception from beginner to grandmaster. Maybe a beginner LOOKs at a board with no real experience or concepts and a grandmaster CHECKS a board using experience and sophisticated concepts. But when you first open the game on Gameknot, what do you actually look at? What do you look at after play chess online…
2 Player Chess ♡ 359 ( +1 | -1 )
Caro-Kann's Advance Variation I just purchased a book "Complete Defense to King Pawn Openings" by Eric Schiller and it is written there that the Advance Variation (1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3. e5) is regarded as the "most feared weapon available to White" nowadays. Does anybody here have any idea why is this so? maykx As White manages a slightly below average performance with the Advance Variation of the Caro-Kann I would guess it is just more weak play chess online…
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1.e4= Best by test. 1.e4 is the most used first-move in chess. But someone (like me) plays other openings like 1.c4 or 1.d4 or even 1.e3. But if they say e4 is the best move, why so much people uses other openings? Maybe 'cause a player feels better with c4 or d4....(like for me), but I'd like to compare me with you, Gameknot users! What do think? My idol, Bobby Fischer said 1.e4 was best by test and other famous Grandmasters think the same play chess online…
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I'm just curious..... I have read numerous posts referring to GM's playing on this site. Who are they? Are we sure? As a very average player (I hover around 1450), I am intrigued by these top level players. It is my dream to play as many of them as I can so I can hopefully learn something. If anyone could identify these Grandmasters I would be grateful:) PS - I am well aware that the top players on this site are STRONG! Cairo, Duchess, play chess online…
Game Chess ♡ 476 ( +1 | -1 )
Wat to play against the Pirc? I have to play the club championship final against someone ranked much higher than me I've heard he plays the Pirc with black. What can I play against that? I don't know any opening theory relating to it. Thanx, RenÚ If you don't want to play against the Pirc, then why invite it? Play an opening other than 1.e4. I always play e4 I always play e4. That's the only move I have some form of opening repertoire with. But play chess online…
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Blue Gene I would really like to see the kind of chess that a machine like Blue Gene would be capable of playing. It's somewhere around 7,000 times the computing power of Deep Blue. Clearly it would be the strongest chess playing entity on the planet and it's too bad the machine is predestined to fold proteins instead of push pawns. olympio Dear friend, As a matter of fact, the main goal of the Kasparov- Deep Blue matches was to promote selling play chess online…
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New pieces. Anyone ever wondered if there could be a new piece or pieces to make the game more interesting? it would be nice if they would include a couple new piece designs in the set, now that many include an extra Queen. i used to have an extra Queen I made by painting it Red and who ever should happen to get two Queens could use it. But of course if one wants some different moving pieces you can always take a couple Rooks or something from an play chess online…
Chess Tactics ♡ 593 ( +1 | -1 )
Deep Fritz - Kramnik Guess Kramniks blunder in game two will go into the history books. After playing a beautiful game this position came up: and now Kramnik played 34. ..Qe3?? Needless to say that the silicon monster replied 35. Qh7# I don't recall that I've blundered so badly over the board, exept in a blitz game. Kramnik could not explain what happened. But after all... he is human, the opponent is not! :-) cheers magna68 What would be the play chess online…