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COMPUTER-Chess History Computer Chess History by Bill Wall ...
I remember old Cray Blitz now! They used to put the best Chess playing programs on mainframes, you know. Can you imagine running your Fritz or Shredder on a CRAY ?!
IM David Levy used to have an offer of $5000 reward to the first computer which could beat him in a match. I never heard of the payoff match being played, as he was winning vs the boxes. GM Bronstein was making Programs look silly, beating them at tactics by sac'g, sac'g, sac'g material right up to Mate.
My local Chessfriend FM M. Blankenau defeated HiTech on way to becoming Expert section winner at a major tournament, which I think was the National Open in Las Vegas. That is the program that later defeated GM Lautier in a game.
GM WC Botvinnik has been involved in program development. Also Dr.Hans Berliner, the FIDE player & super Corr Chess player. Was it GM Larry Christiensen or GM Joel Benjamin that was so deeply involved in setting up one electronic champ?